Whether it’s repairing a minor leak or replacing the entire roof, commercial roofing requires expert attention. However, some business owners often decide to do the roofing by themselves or hire anyone willing to do the job. In the end, costly mistakes happen, and the business ends up shouldering the hefty expenses. For you to steer away from these industrial roofing mistakes, you should know what they are and how to go about them.  Here’s the list of commercial roofing mistakes to avoid.

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Fixing the Roof System by Yourself

Business owners always look for ways to reduce operation costs, explaining why the thought of personally handling roofing is so tempting. Well, fixing your roof would be a great idea if you were a roofing expert. But in most cases, those who choose this path rely on random roofing tutorials they pick on the internet. You know those videos or articles that make a complex issue seem pretty simple?

Commercial roofing is a tough job that requires the input of a professional contractor. You might have a hard-working labor force, but that does not mean they can handle the intricacies of industrial roofing. Besides causing uncharacteristic roofing mistakes, giving this task to inexperienced individuals could potentially expose them to injuries. You’ll have to be liable in case an issue occurs during the installation.

Before you install a roof, there are often mandatory safety measures to take, materials to buy, and labor costs to consider. Now imagine after doing all this, the quality of works turns out subpar! You’ll eventually need to spend more than you would on a roofing expert. This probability should tell you that DIYing is a bad idea with industrial roofing.

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Waiting Too Long Before Roof Repairs and Replacements

Many things could go wrong if you keep procrastinating repairs and replacements of your roof. The damage would become bigger, the house temperature uncomfortable, increasing bills, leaks, and the exterior old & dirty. The more these effects persist, the more they affect your business operations, and the more money you lose.

You need to address every commercial roofing problem as soon as you notice them. Doing this will save your property, money, and resources. It helps to have a list of signs to watch out for to take timely proactive responses.

Neglecting Industrial Roof Inspections

It’s common for business owners to overlook roof inspections because they assume “the installation happened recently, or the roof doesn’t look that bad!” In the process, what would have been a small problem ends up being costly repairs and even replacements.

The essence of conducting a commercial roof inspection is to catch and address any issues as early as possible. This way, you avoid additional costs that could result from unattended roof damages.

Therefore, scheduling for roof inspections is critical to helping you address issues before they spiral out of control. A professional roofing service provider can periodically inspect your roof. It’s up to you to follow through your appointments and ensure a roofing expert examines the roof and gives feedback.

Failing to do Regular Maintenance

Commercial roof maintenance is the action part of your roof inspections. If you identify an issue in your roof the inspection, you need to address it as soon as possible. However, it’s surprising that most businesses would not take action if they think the problem is small. Most business owners will often invest in repairs when they start witnessing the side effects of roof damages – this shouldn’t be you. You don’t have to wait until you experience large leaks and costly repairs to take action.

If you undertake your roof maintenance seriously, you maximize its value and would be eligible for the warranty. So, update the insulation, remove snow from the roof during winter, adjust the gutters when they trap water, clear the dusty ventilation, and replace the broken parts of the roof.

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Choosing the Wrong Roofing Materials

Not every roofing material fits your property. Even if you own an old construction, it’ll still need modern roofing materials and quality finishes that will make it look good and last long. You, therefore, must be selective of what goes on your building. The right combination of materials will provide you with a watertight roofing system that will last ages to come.

Covering Instead of Removing Old Materials

While it’s possible to cover old shingles with new ones and still get results, you’ll have created a room for dirt and moisture to gather. Within a few weeks, you’ll start experiencing the effects of this mistake, forcing you to uninstall and reinstall. Needless to say, you’ll incur additional costs when this happens.

You should remove worn out shingles instead of covering them as you thoroughly wipe away the dust. And who better to help you do the right thing than a commercial roofing expert.

Failing to Install Moisture Barriers

The colorful roof that everyone sees is just part of a roofing system that includes the frames, moisture barriers, and the shingles, or other alternatives. Moisture protection is critical to ensure the building remains warm, and the outside moisture doesn’t get inside. Failing to install these moisture barriers is a bad idea as the outer layer could break and leak.

When you scour the market for moisture protectors, choose the best quality you can afford. With a top-quality barrier and expert installation, you’ll get a roof that can stand a lot of weather elements and last long.

Poor Industrial Ventilation

Your attic must be well ventilated to avoid heat building up from within. As you can tell, a place with a lot of operation like your manufacturing plant will produce a lot of heat that requires adequate ventilation to manage it. Failure to install proper ventilation means the heat increases to compromise the entire roofing system. This situation is also known to increase your AC’s electricity consumption.

You can see why it’s important to involve a commercial roofing company like Tornado Roofing to install your roof and ensure every aspect, like ventilation and insulation, is in order.

Hiring the Wrong Industrial Roofing Service Provider

As mentioned before, commercial roofing is better left in the hands of professionals. But the problem with some business owners is that they go searching for a roofing company and fail to consider all the essential elements. Hiring the wrong person for the job can mess up all your efforts to get a good roof for your premises. 

You need to be very keen on your hiring processes because the person you get to do the job will determine the quality of results. In our guide on how to hire commercial roofing services, we advise on specific checkpoints company owners should consider. So ask all questions even if they look silly. Don’t forget to look into the licenses, certifications, and insurance. Most importantly, insist on seeing their work samples and see if you like what they do.

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Avoid All These Costly Mistakes With Professional Help

We can’t stress enough how important it is to get commercial roofing assistance from the pros. Going with this option only gives you one task, which is finding the right company for the job. Keep in mind that your roof will only be as good as those you hire to do the task. Instead of making all these blunders, source for help from a reputable contractor like Tornado Roofing.