As much as we’d wish your roof replacement to be a straightforward process, there’s a lot of things to consider to determine the exact replacement price. From the size of your home, the required pitch, the type of roof system, the cost of materials, and accessibility, all these and more affect the replacement costs. At Tornado Roofing, we are knowledgeable enough and well equipped to provide you accurate roof replacement quotations and other residential roofing services. This article guides you on how to understand your requirements and find the costs of replacing your roof.

Typical roofing costs range from $5,351 for a small repair up to $150,000 for the most expensive clay tile roofing systems over large homes. A standard range is around $30,000 for the full cost of a standard roof replacement on a home. Once you’ve calculated the price for the materials and other factors involved, the labor costs take half or more of the entire roof cost. This will depend on the roofer and what time of the year it is.

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What Are Roof Replacement Cost Factors?

To determine the roof replacement price of your roof, consider the following factors:

The Pitch or Slope of Your Roof

If your roof has an intricate design, you will have to spend more on replacing it. The price doesn’t just come from additional roofing materials but the contractor’s charges as well. Unlike a low pitch roof, a roof with a high pitch requires the roofing professionals to use special equipment to stay safe, deliver quality results, and the process takes longer, which requires more money. Contractors also pay more insurance on high-pitched roofs and will pass the costs to the homeowner.

This is a picture of a roof replacement project.

The Accessibility of the Roof

How hard is it to access your roof? Is the installation crew going to carry the materials several meters from the truck to the house? If yes, prepare to spend more. The same goes for a story building. If the truck can get close to the building, you reduce the moving costs.

Material Costs

Your roof will need tons of nails to put the structure in place. Most roofs take two boxes of nails with one costing about $27. Basic 3-tab shingles will cost $200 for every square installation but if you choose to go with dimensional shingles you’ll spend up to $300. They are costly because they are more durable. Premium shingles cost up to $700. These are thicker and last even longer. There are other roofing materials out there that might interest you.

Roof Replacement Unforeseen Costs

Sometimes your roof frame system might require replacement if the plywood is damaged. Depending on the severity of the plywood damage, you could spend a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. This happens particularly if you don’t take quick action after a storm. Another thing that often contributes to the roof replacement costs is the roof type that needs to be removed. If for some reason it will take longer to dismantle, you’ll have to pay more for the time spent and work done.

This is a picture of a roof replacement project.

The Labor Costs

If you’ve successfully calculated the material prices and other variables, determining the labor costs becomes an easy process. In most instances, labor takes 60% of a new roof. Still, prices will vary from one contractor to the other depending on their business model. And because roofers attend when they are needed, in seasons of tornadoes, hailstorms, and hurricanes, they are on high demand. The roofing costs at such times are higher and you might find it hard getting a contractor in the first place.

Should I Invest in a Roof Replacement?

The costs of replacing a roof might seem steep but they are worth every penny. Two decades from the time of the installation, you’ll still be enjoying its benefits. Also, a new roof significantly increases the resale value of your home.

Homeowners hesitate to replace their roofs because of the installation costs involved. What you need to do is to approach a local roofing expert to help you find ways to ease these costs. You can leverage on your insurance coverage, loaning opportunities, or negotiate a payment plan with your roofer to lessen the financial burden.

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