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Residential Roofing Replacement Naples, Florida

Every roof has a time limit. When your roof no longer does its duty to protect your home, it’s time to think about a new one. Keep reading to discover how Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc. excels at the roof replacement Naples families desire.

How to know when you need a roof replacement

How can you tell when your roof needs a full replacement? Sometimes our clients opt for a new roof because their current one is old and requires costly repairs. In those cases, the price of the repairs comes close enough to the cost of a new roof that it makes sense to opt for the latter.

It’s not always so clear-cut as to when you should install a new roof versus paying for repairs to it. Here are some great clues from Angie’s List that it’s time to consider installing a new roof.

  • Age- The roof is twenty-plus years old. Most roofing materials don’t last much longer than twenty or so years.
  • Valley trouble- Missing and damaged shingles in a roof valley are a sign of real concern. Valley troubles can lead to roof leaks that can compromise the structural integrity of your home.
  • Roof debris- Are you finding shingle granules in gutters and pieces of your roofing material in the yard? If so, a new roof is probably in order.
  • Attic evidence- Climb into your attic and look at the roof boards and insulation. Do you see evidence that water is finding a way into the attic? Is the insulation damp? Are there any water stains on the beams and roof boards? 
  • Shingle deformation- Curled and buckled shingles signal significant roof trouble. Unfortunately, this sort of shingle deformation often indicates that it’s time to invest in a new roof. 

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Benefits of a New Roof

The great news about replacing your roof is that you’ll reap a substantial amount of benefits. The most obvious plus is that your new roof will do a terrific job of protecting your home from the buckets of rain and strong winds that regularly visit Naples. Along with that benefit, though, are a host of other perks. Some of the most exciting rewards of a new roof include

  • Lower energy costs- A well-designed and constructed roof is quite capable of keeping your home cooler during the sweatiest summer months. The result of a naturally more refreshing home is that your air conditioner won’t use so much energy attempting to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. You’ll enjoy significant savings in your energy bills.
  • Insurance- Have you heard that insurance companies won’t cover a roof that is more than twenty years old? Sometimes they even refuse to cover a house at all if the roof is too old. Avoid this nightmare scenario by replacing a worn-out roof.
  • Appearance- Do you cringe when you see the shabby roof that rests on the top of your house? We guarantee that you’ll love looking at your home once we fit it with a new roof. With so many roofing materials and colors available, there’s no reason for you not to have a roof that makes you smile.
  • Resale- Life happens, and it’s always a smart idea to keep your house ready to compete in the housing market. Buyers might balk at making an offer on a home with an old roof due to fear that the bank won’t approve the loan and it might be tough to insure. By contrast, a new roof tends to give buyers the impression that you’ve taken good care of your home, and the big-budget items are in good shape.

Roof Material Options

Drive around Naples, and you’ll see many different roof styles. Asphalt shingles are the perennial favorite among roofing material choices across the United States due to its (1) versatility, (2) low cost, and (3) how relatively easy it is to repair. Some other favorite roofing materials include

  • Slate- This natural material is both waterproof and fireproof along with lasting for years.

  • Composite shingles- Do you want the look of wood shake with the bonus of low installation and maintenance costs? If so, composite shingles will fit the bill and deliver the rewards of being lightweight, fire-safe, and fade-resistant.

  • Clay and concrete tiles- You’ll see roofs covered with clay and concrete tile all over Naples. These tiles offer character along with being durable, fire-resistant, and unfriendly to moisture.

  • Metal- We live in hurricane country, and metal roofs have gained popularity as a roofing material that resists the effects of powerful storms. Metal roofing works well with a variety of home styles.

Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc. has loads of experience installing all types of roofing materials used on Naples homes and businesses. We’ll happily share our knowledge of the materials for roof replacement Naples homeowners choose for their projects.

Roof Replacement Naples FAQs

Why shouldn’t I keep repairing my old roof?

Our best advice is that every roof has a life-span, and your roof will continue to deteriorate once it approaches the end. It’s more cost-effective to install a new roof at this point.

Will you help me choose a roofing material?

Of course! If you like the style of your new roof and want to keep it or change the look altogether, you can count on us for help in choosing material for your new roof.

Does a new roof do better in hurricanes?

Building technology and standards have advanced considerably over the last ten years and today’s roofs are in a much better position to make it through hurricanes. As a top-quality roofing contractor, we take storm safety seriously and make it our mission to stay up-to-date on hurricane-resistant roofing strategies.

How can I know that you’re an ethical company?

We’ve been constructing roofs for homes and businesses throughout Florida for decades. We hold the correct licenses and insurance and adhere to the strictest standards of our industry. What’s more, as a local business, we promise to back-up all of our work, and you can depend on our company to partner with you for years into the future.