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Residential Roofing Restoration Naples, Florida

Would you like to upgrade your roof without breaking your budget? Roof restoration is a terrific option when you want to enhance your roof’s performance without spending a fortune. Keep reading to discover how Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc. delivers the roof restoration Naples homeowners trust.

What is a Roof Restoration

What is a roof restoration? In a nutshell, the pros at Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc. restore a roof by repairing and adding new elements to your existing roof. We replace damaged parts of the roof while also adding new features to strengthen the roof.

As part of the restoration process, our highly trained roofing team examines every part of your roofing system. We’ll complete all necessary repairs and refurbishments to strengthen the structural integrity of the roofing system. Our team tops off the roofing restoration by applying a waterproofing coating over the entire roof.

Benefits of a Roof Restoration

When it comes to roof restoration, Naples homeowners like you deserve to know how a renovation adds value to your home. The exciting news is that restoring your roof will bring you a significant number of benefits. Some of the top perks include

  • Lower cost- There’s no denying that you’ll spend significantly less money restoring your roof versus replacing it. Angie’s list says it costs an average of four thousand to fourteen thousand dollars to replace a roof. By contrast, roof repairs typically range from between several hundred dollars up to around three thousand dollars.
  • Decreased utility bills- One of the keys to reducing your monthly utility bill is to use less energy. A well-maintained roof reduces energy consumption in Naples by keeping the interior of the house fresh. We’ve also found that the roof coating that we apply tends to make it easier for your air conditioner to maintain pleasant interior temperatures.
  • Longevity- Since a roofing system is one of the most expensive parts of a house, it makes sense to maintain it. Along with yearly roof maintenance, a roof restoration can add years to the life of your roof. A solid roof is an excellent investment in protecting your roof from the heat and storm conditions that we experience in Naples.
  • Hurricanes- It’s always a smart idea to have your roof thoroughly inspected before the hurricane season. We’ll examine your roof and tell you how we can make sure that your roof is ready to protect you from the most significant storms. Make your roof storm-ready by investing in a top-quality roof restoration today.
  • Earth-friendly- The roof restoration Naples homes typically receive adds relatively little in the amount of debris to local landfills. You can help cut down on trash in southwest Florida by opting for a thorough restoration instead of a total replacement.
  • Appearance- Take a close look at your home the next time you drive up to it. Does it look a little weary? Give your house the gift of a beautifully refurbished roof. Real estate experts say that curb appeal is essential and your newly restored roof is sure to elevate the overall beauty of your home.

How to Know Your Roof Needs Help

Of course, the best way to tell if your roof will benefit from a roof restoration is to schedule a roof audit with one of our expert inspectors. Many homeowners realize that the roof is unsound when they spot water dripping through the ceiling during a rainstorm. Still, if you’re hesitant about whether or not your roof can make it through another season of wet weather here are a few things to look for.

  • Are the shingles curling at the ends?

  • Do you see any missing and damaged tiles?

  • Have the tiles buckled, creating a wave-like effect?

  • Can you spot damage around any of the flashings?

For a professional opinion about the state of your roof, contact us at Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc.   We’ll perform a complete assessment of your roof so that you’ll understand your roofing options. Whether it’s a minor repair job or a full roof restoration is in order, you can count on us for honest advice.

Roof Restoration Naples

Roof Restoration

Choose a Premier Roofing Contractor

Don’t place the overall integrity of your roof in the hands of unskilled people. Instead, choose a contractor who knows all about the variety of roofing materials and systems available in the Naples, FL, area. Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc. has decades of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining roofs throughout southwest Florida. 

We are a local business, and we never forget that our future relies on doing the best possible work for our clients. Contact us today for knowledgeable answers to all of your roof restoration questions.

Roof Restoration Naples FAQs

How is a roof restoration different from a roof replacement? 

In a restoration process, we make repairs and necessary replacements to your current roof. A roof replacement consists of taking off the entire roofing structure and replacing it with a new one.

Can a roof restoration help me to prepare for hurricanes? 

Yes. There is no doubt that a sturdy, well-maintained roof is better prepared to withstand the forces of hurricanes and tropical storms. Our restoration process also includes a waterproof coating that helps to repel rain to keep it from entering your home.

How long will my roof restoration last?

In general, a roof restoration can last up to fifteen years. The key to assisting your roof to last as long as possible is proper maintenance. 

Will the restoration waterproof my house?

We specialize in waterproofing all types of roofing systems. We’ll take the necessary steps to make your home leak-proof while it’s undergoing the overall refurbishment.

Should I restore or replace an old roof?

Roofing systems have a life-span, and while a roof restoration can help it to last a long time, eventually you’ll need to replace it. Rely on a professional roof inspector for help in deciding if repair or replacement is your best option.


Why should I trust Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc.?

We have a stellar reputation for our roofing services in southwest Florida. Our team of highly trained roofing professionals has successfully constructed and repaired roofing systems for homes and businesses all over Naples.

clients love us because the Tornado Roofing & Contracting team provides service they can trust, results they can count on and prices they can afford. Give us a call today to learn why we’re Naples, Florida’s go-to for roofing construction services and discuss your residential roofing installation needs.